18th Century Warfare

Topic 8: 18th Century Warfare

Although the militia were involved in the Jacobite wars of the 18th century, it is likely that the effect of Lincolnshire was slight and not long lasting.

The arrival of the Jacobite army in Derby caused considerable alarm and measures were taken for local defence, but there is no indication of the raising of substantial fortification.

The Seven Years war (1754 to 1763) did not greatly affect the county, although maritime conflict may have caused first batteries to be sighted on the bank of the Humber at this time.

Late 17th century illustration showing the form of gun and carriage that would be used in an 18th century coastal battery. (Frontispiece from The Sea Gunner by John Seller 1691)

By the end of the 18th century, the nature of the British military had again changed. What had begun with the raising of levees to defend their homes and volunteers to fight further afield had ended with a much more homogeneous volunteer army that could be raised to fight wherever the need arose.