Post War Turmoil

Topic 15: Post War Turmoil

In July 1918 the allies succeeded in halting the German offensive and began to push them back, attacking the Hindenburg Line in September. In October the Central powers agreed to an armistice which came into effect on the 11th November 1918.

As the war had ended as suddenly as it had begun, the armistice was a period of considerable turmoil and uncertainty. Rationing continued until 1920, and mass unemployment and disaffection amongst returning soldiers resulted in state sponsored attempts to create veterans colonies on local authority owned allotments and smallholdings, such as Holbeach Marsh. These often comprised hastily built prefabricated structures of poor quality and the majority of colonies failed.

Article from the Telegraph 9th December 1916. (From The Daily Telegraph World War One Archive)

Both physically, economically and socially, the first world war had had a huge and lasting impact on the county of Lincolnshire. The old world was gone, and the modern world had taken its place.