Second Boer War

Topic 5: Second Boer War

Overseas service in the late 19th century was very much the preserve of the regular army, with the 10th Lincolnshire Infantry Regiment being no exception.

However, in 1899, a series of defeats in the 2nd Boer War forced the government to send volunteers overseas, with many hundreds volunteering either to join the Lincolnshire Regiment, or (if they had good horseman and marksmanship skills) as the Lincolnshire Yeomanry which was formed in 1901.

British infantry on the march in South Africa. (

The 2nd Boer War was a long drawn out conflict between large formations of regulars on the British side, and small groups of irregular troops who were the Boer Commando.

For the British public, it was the first experience of both asymmetric warfare and the idea of Total War, where the entire enemy community was treated as a military target.

Members of Scunthorpe Troop at summer training near Grantham 1907. (Photo: Winteringham Local History and Genealogy)