Threat Of Aerial Attack

Topic 2: Threat Of Aerial Attack

In the 1930s, German re-armament caused a public scandal in Britain, and changes in military policy ensued.

By 1938 there was an expectation of war in the near future and some preparations were begun in terms of forming an expeditionary force and strengthening overseas force. However, little or no thought was given to the defence of the British Isles from invasion.

The threat of aerial attack, on the other hand, was considered in great detail and throughout the 1930s experiments were conducted into the use of radar. The result of this was the introduction of the Chain Home network of early warning radar stations. A Chain Home radar transmitter tower is preserved at the former RAF Stenigot in the Lincolnshire Wolds.

Chain Home Radar tower at Stenigot. (Photo: Heritage Trust of Lincolnshire)