V-Force Planes

Topic 7: V-Force Planes

Development on planes to carry Britain’s nuclear deterrent resulted in the adoption of the V-force planes; Valient, Vulcan and Victor.

Large, powerful jet bombers, these required larger runways than those used during World War 2. The most noted example of a runway extension in Lincolnshire is RAF Scampton, where the A15 had to be diverted in a loop around the new structure which crossed the Roman road.

Aerial view of RAF Scampton showing the A15 looping round the extended runway. (Photo: Google Maps)

Early warning against air attack remained an important part of Britiain’s defences and the Chain Home radar station at Stenigot remained in use until 1959, when it was replaced with the ACE high system, using four tropospheric scatter dishes.

Ace High early warning station at Stenigot. (Photo: Subterranea Brittanica)