1906 Ordnance Survey map

Aswarby Park, near Sleaford. (HEGrade II). Study the detail from this 1906 Ordnance Survey (OS):

Detail of 1906 Ordnance Survey map, available on line at the Nation Library of Scotland site (maps.nls.uk)

List all the features you can find within Aswarby Park (the shaded area) including named buildings, garden and landscape features and plantations. Note first the main house, the stables and walled garden.

  • Which is the main approach and from which direction?
  • How many lodges are there?
  • There are two main water features. Which do you think dates from the early 18C? Why? Note its position relative to the house.
  • Which might be the oldest surviving feature?
  • List any prominent feature still extant and on view today from the main road (A15).