The Approach

The Approach

Often the approach to a historic house denotes the period and style of the park and gardens.

For instance, in the early 18C, Sedgebrook Manor was converted into a classical Hunting Lodge. Notice still the formal direct approach.

The clipped yews and the family crest, or cartouche, above the front door are also typical of the Baroque period.

The approach to Sedgebrook Manor (Image: Steffie Shields)

In the late 18C, as natural landscape gardening became popular, particularly with designs by Lancelot ‘Capability’ Brown (1716-1783), so approach drives became curvaceous and sweeping up to the house as an oblique approach through parkland, as here at South Ormsby Hall (HE Grade II).

The sweeping drive of South Ormsby Hall (Image: Steffie Shields)

In addition to gates, classical or gothic lodges were built as extra security, in keeping with the main architecture of the house.