Many architecturally-fine Lincolnshire country houses with grand gardens have been demolished since WWI and WWII. However, it may come as a surprise, sufficient remnants of garden features remain to throw light on how former generations lived through different periods and changing styles. There are also some significant gardens which have survived, many open to visitors.

The course, written by historic landscape consultant Steffie Shields, will highlight some significant features to look out for as you explore a historic park or garden. These will help to reveal its past. We will examine different approaches or garden styles that evolved from the sixteenth century, before focusing on some famous garden-makers and designers through the ages. Finally, you will work through one or two case studies, which will include the interpretation of old maps and ordnance surveys. You will come to ‘read’ a designed landscape or garden and hopefully go on to explore Lincolnshire’s gardens more widely. Much garden research entails ‘walking the ground’ and looking! This inevitably raises questions: Where is this? What is this? Why is this here? and so on.