Questions and answers in response to the Digital Interpretation Brief

Questions and answers in response to the Digital Interpretation Brief

1. What specific buildings have been earmarked for regeneration and which would you like us to focus on in Grimsby docks (Corporation Bridge; Dock Tower; other dock buildings; Riverhead Square ?

Please see the North East Lincolnshire Planning Portal, using the link Simple Search (  to access regeneration plans across Grimsby and Cleethorpes.

 Buildings of interest to be identified and confirmed by project partners, the Watkin Society during the research phase.

 2. Is the regeneration of the Ice Factory on Grimsby Docks going ahead and if so what is involved?

 Please see the North East Lincolnshire Planning Portal, using the link Simple Search ( and type in ‘Ice Factory’.

3. Where can we find more detailed diagram/plans of the regeneration of Grimsby/Cleethorpes?

See answer above. Use of the North East Lincolnshire Planning Portal, using the link Simple Search (  to access regeneration plans across Grimsby and Cleethorpes.

 4. The focus here is on buildings and physical entities. However, there is a hub for green energy enterprises, is that something that should be focussed on?

Yes – although the main focus is on sharing the legacy of Edward Watkin through historic buildings and areas within Grimsby and Cleethorpes, we welcome responses which feature elements of the renewable energy industries to link to Watkin’s role as an innovator and to promote career opportunities for young people in the area.

5. Are 3D CGI required for the ‘future’ regeneration projects (e.g. imaging Riverhead Square for online viewers)?

Whilst not a requirement we welcome suggested technology that would be most appropriate to delivering project outcomes.

6. What length of film are you envisaging?

To be confirmed – this will be decided alongside the Digital Heritage Ambassadors who will be co-creating the digital material. We envisage the maximum length would be 10 minutes.

7. Are we able to use any elements in both the film and digital trail? Eg: historical information?


8. How long do you wish the digital trail to be?

We anticipate this being family friendly and considering our target audiences. We anticipate it could be physical or virtual which would impact whether the trail covers a short or large distance. For a point of comparison, via the Love Exploring app there is a Cleethorpes Heritage Trail.

9. Would you like the digital trail to stretch along the beach as well as the town?

 Yes – the beach is a very popular location and Watkin has links to the Pier in Cleethorpes so we envisage that the trail would include the beach/seafront alongside other key areas in the town.

10. Could the project be led by a senior team of university staff working with independent researchers and creative practitioners who are experts in digital, inclusive, and diverse storytelling?

Yes – we welcome responses from design teams made up from multi professionals/subcontractors if this might better satisfy the brief.

11. The brief mentions you’d be open to exploring AR and VR solutions but it also includes that both assets produced are in an accessible format. I’m assuming that if one of the assets for example is an augmented reality experience, that would be okay from an accessibility perspective so long as additional accessible formats are produced alongside the AR experience for those who need them?

 All technological solutions proposed should evidence full consideration of accessibility.

12. As the tender timeline falls across the Christmas period, which includes bank holidays and time where key staff, specialist suppliers, and potential project partners will be unavailable (particularly between 18/12/23 and 01/01/24), we would like to request an extension to the tender deadline of ideally two weeks to enable us to properly consider the tender, formulate our approach with key staff and partners, and then collate this into our response?

Due to the imminent holiday season, we are conscious this may impact ability to produce a tender document and have therefore extended the tender submission deadline by one week. This will mean that the tender submission is now due by 15th January 2024. A revised tender schedule will be presented at the bottom of this brief.

13. Does the response limit of four sides include both the covering letter and methodology?

The covering letter is not included within the four sides.

14. Can the response limit be extended?  We’re concerned that we may not be able to address all of the submission requirements within the four page limit, e.g., covering letter; approach to both deliverables; types of technology to be used; confirmation of accessibility; evidence of experience – knowledge of national curriculum, focus on history, safeguarding; detailed project plan; details of proposed team – specifying knowledge, experience, and expertise of each member; detailed budget breakdown; etc.

In order to allow for all brief requirements to be addressed within the page limit, we are happy for appendices to be used regarding evidence of proposed team etc.

15. Does the response limit of four sides include all required visuals and imagery, e.g., creative approach visuals for 2x deliverables, detailed project plan, detailed budget breakdown including staff costs, day rates, other spend etc. which may need to be of a large size to ensure legibility?

We are happy for appendices to be used for visuals pertaining to examples of previous work, team bios, supporting imagery and breakdown for staff costs, day rates and other spends.

16. Are the case studies mentioned in the assessment criteria the 3x case study links to be included in the covering letter, or are these additional case studies?

3 case studies in total.

Amended tender schedule

Date Process
08/12/2023 Deadline for questions to Anna Hartley (as per above email)
15/12/2023 Response to all questions circulated in one document to interested parties via Heritage Lincolnshire website
15/01/2024 Deadline for tender submission to Anna Hartley (as per above email)
29/01/2024 Submission returns review and shortlisting
12/02/2024 Interview of shortlisted candidates
01/03/2024 Successful appointment will be made subject to NLHF approved timescales


The above questions and answers can be downloaded here.