Do you want to help conserve & protect Lincolnshire’s Local Heritage?

Now is the time to act, Lincolnshire Local Listing Campaign has launched a new website to enable members of the public, local groups, and communities to nominate Local Heritage sites they feel are important to their local area that are deserving of recording and protecting. The new website can be accessed here:

Some of the county’s most significant heritage assets are already protected by law through national designations such as Listed Buildings, Scheduled Monuments, as part of a Conservation Area or Registered Parks and Garden. Yet, there are many more local heritage assets including historic buildings, landscapes, archaeological remains and structures, which although do not meet the strict designation criteria for national protection set out above, still have a special interest locally and shape local character. These sites currently fall into a gap, often unrecognised, unrecorded and unprotected.

A Local List of Heritage Assets would be held by the Local Authority and will be used as a planning tool to help recognise local heritage assets so that they can be considered in planning decisions. It does not add protection through law but, where planning permission is already required it triggers consideration against heritage policies.

Without recognition in this way there is a risk that the value local heritage has to local people and places may be missed, leading to changes which may result in a loss of special interest over time or even total destruction.

To ensure Local Heritage Lists are representative of the local communities, we are calling for members of the public, local groups, parish councils etc to put together a list of candidates for Local Listing and nominate them via the new Lincolnshire Local Listing website.

The new website will provide information about Local Listing, identifying potential candidates and allow access to the nominations platform for the public and professionals alike.

Felix Mayle, Conservation Project Officer for Heritage Lincolnshire said: “The project is an exciting opportunity to be a part of shaping the future of the historic environment in your area. Local Listing works best with community involvement, and we are really interested to hear from local communities and groups about what they feel should be put forward for inclusion on Local Lists of Heritage Assets.”

For further information, please contact Felix Mayle on 07510 923 644, email or log onto

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