Lincolnshire Local Listing Campaign

What is the Project?

Heritage Lincolnshire is leading the Local Heritage List Campaign in partnership with Lincolnshire County Council having received funding from the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government (MHCLG). The project also has support from all Local Planning Authorities in Lincolnshire.

Many of the county’s most significant heritage assets are protected by national designation such as Listed Buildings, Scheduled Monuments, Registered Parks and Gardens or through being located within a Conservation Area.

There are many more significant historic buildings, landscapes, archaeological remains and civic structures that are not formally recognised but play an important role in defining the character of our communities. These local heritage assets are at risk of being overlooked and losing their significance through alteration, or in some cases complete demolition.

Moot Hall, Holton le Moor. A village hall at the heart of an estate village in the mock Tudor style with pargetting and brick buttresses.

The Local Heritage List Campaign partnership will develop a new framework that provides a unified approach to Local Listing in Lincolnshire.

The campaign will engage communities and local groups to identify the most significant local heritage assets across the county to be nominated for inclusion on new Local Lists of Heritage Assets. As the project is only anticipated to last for twelve months, there will be a number of area and thematic based pilot studies to test the new framework.

What is a Local Heritage List?

Local Heritage Lists help to highlight key heritage assets, which are of special local interest and shape the character of the area in which they are found.

Local Heritage Lists are held by local authorities and the aim is that there will be a Local List for each authority area of Lincolnshire.  A Local Heritage List is a material consideration in the planning process.

Parkland Trees and example of Ridge and Furrow earthworks within Grainsby Park landscape.

How is a site chosen for Local Listing?

This is a two stage process. A local heritage asset must first be nominated for inclusion on a Local List.

The second stage of the process is assessment of the heritage asset against a set of Selection Criteria, with the final decision about the inclusion of the asset resting with the Local Authority.

How can I get involved?

For communities and local groups there will be training opportunities and events that you can take part in, providing you with new skills and a chance to meet new people.

Your input is important and we would like you to put forward your nominations for inclusions on the Local Lists of Heritage Assets. As part of this process there will be plenty to do, from surveying and photographing heritage assets to undertaking research. See below for any volunteer opportunities or click here to go to our volunteers page

Denton Village Hall, a Nissen Hut first erected in Belton Park in its time as home of the Machine Gun Corps during the First World War and later repurposed as a village hall.

What does Local Listing mean for homeowners?

Inclusion on a Local List of Heritage Assets firstly recognises the historic importance and significance of your heritage asset to your local area.

By itself, inclusion does not afford extra protection to Locally Listed Buildings apart from the significance of that heritage asset should be taken into account in planning decisions.

Where an Article 4 Direction applies to your local area, planning permission would be required for total demolition of of a Locally Listed building. For full details please refer to your Local Planning Authority.

A mid-19th century villa house with sunken fence or “ha-ha”.

Introduction event. 

Do you want to find out more about how you can get involved in protecting the local heritage in your area? An introduction to local listing will give you an overview of local listing and what it means, explore case studies and how you can get involved in the campaign to protect your local heritage.

We held a digital introduction on Friday 30th July to introduce people to the project.

If you missed the event, and still want to find out more……we recorded it for you to watch at a later date and you can find the video below or on our YouTube page.




Would you like to volunteer?

We are looking for volunteers to form a group to survey the heritage assets in Heckington for a Local List of Heritage Assets.
If you are from Heckington or the surrounding area and would like to get involved please email us on for an informal chat and register your interest, or click on the picture to take a look at the volunteer role description.




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