Lincolnshire Seaside Trump Cards Photography Volunteers


Lincolnshire Seaside Coast from Donna Nook down to Gibraltar Point.


January 2024. Approx. 2 days.

Why Lincolnshire Seaside Trump Cards Project needs volunteer support:

Heritage Lincolnshire have developed and delivered Trump Cards for local areas in Boston, Sleaford, Louth and Grantham. Throughout 2023 we have been developing a pack for the Lincolnshire Seaside Coast from Gibraltar Point to Donna Nook with help from research volunteers and work placement students. To complete the cards, we need photographs of all 62 of the sites and are hoping local amateur photographers will flex their skills to complete the set.

What to expect: 

Volunteer photographers will have a meeting with Laura Dunham, the project lead (online or in person where appropriate), to discuss the project and the photography requirements. We will arrange for mileage and any parking expenses to be paid to the volunteers as well. We are hoping to have photographs ready to incorporate with the card information and be designed up in February 2024.

Volunteers will work with Heritage Lincolnshire staff to decide how best to approach the task – whether through one trip stopping at all 62 sites or splitting the task into smaller trips etc.

Other things to note:

Some sites may require access via uneven ground, or public footpaths. Please note that if any sites are private property, volunteers are to obey trespassing laws and not access them.

Volunteers will need to use their own camera for this project. The only requirement is that photographs are at least 300dpi in resolution.

If you are interested or have any questions:

Please email before the end of January 2024.

If you email over the Christmas period please expect a reply w/c 2nd January.