Second Baron’s War

Medieval Warfare
Topic 4: Second Barons’ War

The Second Barons’ War (1264 to 1267) was fought between a baronial oligarchy lead by Simon de Montfort against the Loyalist forces of Henry III.

Although the major battles took place away from the county, a number of Lincolnshire nobles were involved, with a group known as The Disinherited making their final stand at the Isle of Axholme.

Through the fourteenth century, Lincolnshire seems little touched by the conflicts of the English Kingdom, although we know that the county provided soldiers and ships for campaigns in Scotland and France. During this time we also have documentary evidence of piracy in the North Sea affecting the trade of Lincolnshire’s ports.

It is harder to trace the effects of this external military service, although monuments and inscriptions in Lincolnshire churches may provide some clues.

Effigy of a 14th century knight in the church of St Peter and St Paul, Caistor. (Photo: Church Monuments Society)