The Old Kings Head Project

The Old King's Head

The inn is a rare example of the Fenland Artisan Mannerist style, a building technique which reveals a unique history of the ebb and flow of Britain's people. The Old King's Head tells us about the forgotten importance of the road from London to Boston, once a hub for those who traded, travelled and warred by sea.

Kirton, now a small village was once a hectic town, the third largest settlement in the county. The history of the Old King's Head and its custodians reflect the cultural heritage of the local area, prosperous landlords, vigorous rivalries, between the church, barmen and even their own clientele!

This project has been ongoing for Heritage Lincolnshire since 2014, and we are proud to say that Splitlath Building Conservation Ltd have now been on site since late February, and we have seen some incredible changes in the building.  The original 17th century thatch roof has reappeared and is being preserved, we are working to make sure that the building is stable and bring it back to its former life.

A huge thank you to all our funding partners for making this project happen.